Server & Android Client Update

posted on 07-07-2024 by Syphon

"    📢 Server & Android Client Update Announcement 📢 📢 Server & Android Client Update Announcement 📢 🎉 Great News! 🎉 The server switch is now complete! You can hop back in and enjoy the game once..."

June Sale New Items & Bundle Packages

posted on 07-04-2024 by Eraestolf

" Hello Midgardians, We have just released NEW ITEMS and Bundle Packages for our June Sale. Check them out! Vella Einheri Upper [4] All stats +20 Enables use of Lv5 Mammonite If character is all other..."

June Sale 2024

posted on 07-04-2024 by Eraestolf

" HELLO MIDGARDIANS. Finally, Mid Year Sale is here.  SHOP 1   SHOP 2   SHOP 3   SHOP 4   SHOP 5   SHOP 6   SHOP 7   SHOP 8   !!! PREMIUM..."

Release Notes: Version 493 RevivalRO...

posted on 06-28-2024 by Syphon

" 🛠️ Release Notes: Version 493 RevivalRO Android🛠️ :::Download Here:::   🗺️ Map and Model Fixes Fixed Maps Crashing: Maps with RSW version 2.7 will no longer crash RevivalRO. Screen Rotation..."

Patch Notes for June 24th, 2024

posted on 06-24-2024 by GM L

"   Greetings Midgardians! Our latest maintenance is complete, and we've rolled out several updates and improvements. Here are the..."

Hall of fame
#1 / Abyzou
#2 / Hideo Suzuki
#3 / One Piece
#4 / Zephyr
#5 / Zuber



Dead / Bloody Branch doesn't work...

posted on 03-27-2023 by AkosRetes

" Hello!   Dead / Bloody Branch doesn't work anymore after some of the updates. Before that I can use them in Ein Dungeon, or in other places. Now the double clicks on the item has not effect.   Do you know..."

Eat all food at once?

posted on 03-18-2023 by AkosRetes

" Hello!   Do you know about a function or a hotkey that use all (or specified number) of items? For example: I have 300 Red Plants and I don't want to click 300 times with the mouse to Eat Them All. Can I define a key..."

High Wizard to Warlock?

posted on 01-27-2023 by AkosRetes

" Hello! I reached the maximum Job Level with a High Wizard. But I can't change to Warlock, or a higher class. The Job Master NPC says something like this: "You are at the end of your job." I checked the net, but I can't..."

how close is this server to originRO

posted on 07-29-2022 by Nixx

" Hello everyone. Im new here and I wanted to know how different the experience on this server is from originRO? I used to play on this server but it sadly got shut down so now im looking for a new home. "

Sus Bot-looking behaviour on Forum?

posted on 05-22-2022 by MLX3

" See below for image proof.   I was sent an email: Quote Hi Guest,An administrator has created a new account for you at Revival RO - Ragnarok Online Private Server. Your account details are:..."


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